About this website...

Who and what is it for?
This website, at www.HertfordAndHitchinQuakers.org.uk, or www.hhq.org.uk, is for and about the Hertford and Hitchin Area Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).  Many of our pages have on the right-hand side a basic information sidebar about Quakers, with links for further information.

People associated with our Meetings may have formal membership of the Society (Members) or they may have a less formal relationship (Attenders), but regardless of the formality or otherwise, all are regarded as Quakers or "Friends" and we are committed to equal treatment of all Friends as far as possible.
There are two objectives of the website:

  - to provide information about the Area Meeting (the AM) to any interested person
  - to be a resource for Friends.

Our Local Meetings
There are currently six Local Meetings within the Area Meeting ( Guilden Morden, Hertford, Hitchin, Letchworth, Stevenage, Welwyn Garden City ) and each Local Meeting has a section which describes where and when it meets for worship, how to contact the Meeting, etc.  Many of our pages have on the left-hand side a sidebar with links to the pages about the specific Meetings, as does the "Local Meetings" page.
Public vs Restricted Access
There are also sections of the website which relate to the internal business of the Area Meeting, and some of these section have restriced access, mainly to preserve the privacy of individuals.  Some individuals who have specific roles in the Area and Local Meetings may have names and/or contact information made public, otherwise we try to protect our Friends' privacy.  If you are one of our Friends, you can apply for a password to access the restricted areas (see the "Members/Attenders" section).
The current sections of the website are:
  - Local Meetings   with information about each Meeting. This section provides the "landing page" for the website as a whole, as enquirers are likely to want to know about their Local Meeting.
  - Area Meetings   listing the time and place of the current year's Area Meeting sessions for business.
  - AM Links   provides links to information about Quakers in Britain and the world
  - AM Contacts   provides contact information, including the website maintenance, for the Area Meeting.  For contact information for our Local Meetings, please see the relevant Local Meeting page.
  - AM Documents   lists some documents which might be of interest to enquirers, as well as documents for our Friends (including "free access" documents in the "Members and Attenders" section)
  - Marking WW1   lists some of what Quakers are doing to mark the centenary of World War 1 (2016 is the centenary of the introduction of conscription and the (sometimes grudging) recognition of Conciencious Objection)
  - Members/Attenders   holds information intended mainly for Friends.