Hertford and Hitchin Area Quaker Meetings and other events
Area Meetings are our "business" meetings,
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- items for Area Meeting can be sent to   clerk_this_time (at) hhq.org.uk
- dates for this year's events including Area Meetings and committees
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- documents for Area Meetings are here
Area Meetings in 2019
 Sat   19 Jan 2019  2 pm     Stevenage - note early start
 Sun   17 Mar 2019  2:30pm     Hitchin
 Sun   19 May 2019  2:30pm     Welwyn GC
 Sat   20 Jul 2019  6:30pm     Eyeworth (Guilden Morden Meeting)
 Sat   21 Sep 2019  2:30pm     Letchworth
 Sat   16 Nov 2019  10:30am     Hertford - Saturday Morning
Area Meetings in 2018
 Sat   20 Jan 2018  2 pm     Stevenage
 Sun   18 Mar 2018  2:30pm     Hitchin
 Sun   20 May 2018  2:30pm     Welwyn GC
 Wed   18 Jul 2018  6:30pm     Letchworth
 Sat   22 Sep 2018  10:30am     Guilden Morden at Welwyn GC
 Sat   17 Nov 2018  10:30am     Hertford
Click on the date or location of a Area Meeting for information on the business for that Meeting (future Area Meetings are unlikely to have any information, other than for an immmediately upcoming Meeting).
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