Hertford and Hitchin Area Meeting / covid-19

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As of 4 July, the government has allowed places of worship to re-open. Whether and when to reopen our Meeting Houses is decided by the local management of each Meeting House, who have to plan procedures to make the use of the Meeting House sufficiently safe.

Some of our Meetings have decided to postpone reopening for the time being, others are proceeding with plans for Meeting for Worship.

All our Meetings have decided for the time being not to reopen our properties for other users.

Please contact your Local Meeting to find out what is happening there.

If Meeting House is open for worship, we will ask you to observe new procedures, which will vary for each Meeting House, but will include:
  - using face coverings while you are in the Meeting House
  - maintaining social distancing
  - no individual "social time" after Meeting for Worship
  - a limit on numbers, which may be substantially less than 30
  - possibly separate entrance and exit to the Meeting House

Please also bear in mind that the government may decide to reintroduce lockdown measures locally or nationally.